2023 3rd International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical and Automation Control (METMS 2023)
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The 3rd International Conference on Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical and Automation Control (METMS 2023will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

(I) Mechanical 

(1) Machinery Manufacturing Process and Equipment 

(2) Automation of Machinery Manufacturing

(3) History of Machine 

(4) Mechanics 

(5) Mechanical Design 

(6) Cutting-tool Engineering 

(7) Machine Tool Technology 

(8) Hydraulic Transmission and Control

(II) Electronics and Electrical

(1) Electronic Science and Engineering 

(2) Engineering Thermophysics 

(3) Pyrology 

(4) Power Machinery Engineering

(5) Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering 

(6) Electric Automation

(7) Micro-electromechanical Systems

(8) Industrial Electronics and Automations

(9) Telecommunication Services and Applications

(10) Wireless Communication and Wireless Networking

(11) Design and Control in Modern mechantronics System Engineering

(12) Electric Automation Equipment

(13) Thermal Power Generation

(14) Power System Technology

(III) Automatic control

(1) linear system control

(2) Control integrated circuits and applications

(3) Modeling and simulation of emerging technologies

(4) Nonlinear system control

(5) Advanced control system

(6) Progress of engineering software engineering

(7) Automatic control system

(8) automation and monitoring system

(9) control and embedded system

(10) Robot system control

(11) electronic communication engineering

(12) control, automation and diagnosis

(13) Fault-tolerant control system

(14) fractional system and control

(15) intelligent system control

(16) mechatronics and robot system

(17) engineering system modeling

(18) network and motor

(19) nonlinear theory and application

(20) power electronics and control

(21) renewable energy conversion

(22) sliding mode control

(23) automatic control principle and technology

(I) 机械

(1) 机械制造工艺与设备

(2) 机械制造自动化

(3) 机械史

(4) 机械学

(5) 机械设计

(6) 刀具技术

(7) 机床技术

(8) 流体传动与控制

(II) 电子电气

(1) 电子科学与工程

(2) 工程热物理学

(3) 热工学

(4) 动力机械工程

(5) 制冷与低温工程

(6) 电气自动化

(7) 微机电系统

(8) 工业电子和自动化

(9) 电信服务和应用程序

(10) 无线通信和无线网络

(11) 现代机电系统工程的设计与控制

(12) 电力自动化设备

(13) 热力发电

(III) 自动化控制

(1) 线性系统控制

(2) 控制集成电路和应用

(3) 新兴技术建模和仿真

(4) 非线性系统控制

(5) 高级控制系统

(6) 工程软件工程进展

(7) 自动控制系统

(8) 自动化和监控系统

(9) 控制和嵌入式系统

(10) 机器人系统控制

(11) 电子通信工程

(12) 控制、自动化和诊断

(13) 容错控制系统

(14) 分数阶系统和控制

(15) 智能系统控制

(16) 机电一体化和机器人系统

(17) 工程系统建模

(18) 网络和电机

(19) 非线性理论和应用

(20) 电力电子和控制

(21) 可再生能源转换

(22) 滑模控制

(23) 自动控制原理与技术

Manuscripts reviewed by experts from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published on conference proceedings. The published papers will be submitted to EI Compendex, SCOPOUS for indexing. Authors are assured of quick and accurate indexing.

Submission Methods

1.The submitted papers must not be under consideration elsewhere.

2.Please send the full paper(word+pdf) to SUBMISSION SYSTEM

3.Please submit the full paper, if presentation and publication are both needed.

4.Please submit the abstract only, if you just want to make presentations.

5.Templates Downlow:Templates

6.Should you have any questions, or you need any materials in English, please contact us at aeic_metms@163.com


1) Both Abstract and Full Paper are welcomed. The author can make an oral presentation after the Abstract is accepted and the payment is finished.

2) All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated.